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Welcome to StitchYaWitch

Here you will find that fabric scissors are sacred and stabbing things with sharp utensils is a-okay (in the name of the craft, of course).

This site is a passion project full of free and purchasable Cross Stitch pattern designs, tutorials, project updates and more.

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> Bolshie

StitchYaWitch Cross Stitch Designs

adjective: bolshy

  1. (of a person or attitude) deliberately combative or uncooperative. “I was a bolshie teenager, full of argument”

Full disclosure, I’m a Taurus. If you read into that kinda thing that probably means that I am, by celestial definition, difficult and stubborn. I particularly like the term Bolshie – mainly because it’s such a stupid word – but also because it does fit. I think it applies to all of us, we all have the capacity to be a little bit bolshie. Yes, even you (maybe especially you? I don’t know your sign).

Anyway, that’s not really why I’m here writing this post. I’m starting up this website and using it to record my wayward thoughts because Covid-19 is ravaging the world and poor little New Zealand is in a Delta Level 4 lockdown. I can only leave the house if I need to go for some exercise, I need to buy necessities (but not toilet paper, because only the doomsday preppers had the forethought to keep that stocked up), or I am literally dying. So, uh, welcome!

I do have some value though, I promise! StitchYaWitch is the namesake of my personal Etsy store where I hawk my wares. Namely, cross stitch patterns in the form of digital download PDFs:

It’s a fledgling store, only a month old at the time of writing this post. However, I can’t imagine a non-apocalyptic scenario that will have me ending this cross-stitch obsession passion project that’s already been going on for a decade, so we should be around for a very long time.

I have been cross stitching and engaging in other textile crafts for a long long time. There’s been forays into clothes-making, a brief stint making custom minky plushies (I will admit, it was mostly different Moogle dolls, but that’s whatever), and of course, cross stitch and embroidery. Hopefully, some of my experience and wisdom is translated into my pattern instructions! I do intend to fill this blog space with other helpful tips, tutorials, free patterns as well as plenty of my own personal Works In Progress (Hopeless Wonders, rather, due to my bad habit of starting new projects before the old ones have been finished).

I really hope that anyone reading this little slice of the internet finds something of interest here, and enjoys the content (and my fur-baby tax! Check out the About page if you haven’t found that there yet).

<3 Sarah

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