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Free Festive Cross Stitch To Start December Right!

Happy December everyone! It’s December 1st so I will be posting up our December Free Cross Stitch Pattern today, and omg Christmas has definitely crept up on us this year. Especially over here in New Zealand. We’ve been in a pretty strict lockdown since August, so any kind of Christmas shopping has been impossible! It has made Christmas Crafting heaps easier though, assuming one doesn’t run out of craft supplies…

December Free Pattern

In the spirit of running out of craft supplies, our free Cross Stitch Pattern will test some of your stock! A collection of five cute wee ornaments fit for the tree, approximately 7-8cm square. That would be 2-3 inches for you imperials out there. They’re just the right size to hang from your tree, in a window, or from your rear view mirror! They’ve been designed to be stitched onto a perforated plastic canvas, or perforated thick card if you’d like to give that a try.

Here is an example of the ones I’ve made so far – I am still stitching the purple and blue baubles to finish the set:

Free Cross Stitch Pattern - Christmas Ornaments
ps. can anybody spot my missed stitch…

Aren’t they cute! OMG. I will be finishing them off with felt on the back, and embroidering names into the back with some cursive chain stitch. I will probably do that and add a few accents in a metallic/diamante thread.

Double-sided Plastic Ornaments

If you like the look of them being double-sided, flip the design around for a second stitch and repeat. Once you’ve stitched the two sides, you will need to trim down the plastic/cardboard so there’s one layer of exposed plastic outside all of the cross stitches (as in the image above). Once trimmed, you can hold the two sides together with stitched sides facing out. Stitch through and over that last layer of exposed plastic on both pieces at once to cover it up completely. Use whatever colour you think might look best. I’d recommend a white, or Christmas-y colours such as red or green.

Double-sided Fabric Ornaments

Alternatively, if you’d like to stitch them onto regular Aida or linen, they will work fine there too! They will be about the same size (assuming that you go with 14 count fabric), and will make for a lovely wee charm on the tree. You might want to stitch each design twice on fabric, with one side mirrored. That way you can sew the two sides together and stuff them with a bit of toy stuffing or newspaper.

Aperture Card Designs

Another quick project to undertake would be to use them for aperture cards! I’ve always wanted to make some but have never gotten around to it, and these are just the right size. I plan on using the Gift Box pattern for a few Christmas cards this year, probably on something pastel (predictable me). Something like these aperture cards would be so cute!

Cross Stitch Aperture Cards

Support some small businesses today and grab some aperture cards from Etsy sellers.

Below you’d find the download link for the pattern – it’s a bit larger than normal due to it being five different patterns all wrapped up (ha) into one. Each of the patterns will work as their own standalone little design with their own separate thread colour key. Right at the end of the PDF there’s a single page page pattern for those who wish to do all five at once, and it has a thread colour key for all 5 combined designs and all colours included.

If you have any trouble with the pattern at all, please let me know. I would LOVE to see any of them up and about over Christmas, so if you do make them please I’m begging you, let me see!

And with that groveling done, I wish a Merry Stitch-mas to all! <3

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