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Here you will find that fabric scissors are sacred and stabbing things with sharp utensils is a-okay (in the name of the craft, of course).

This site is a passion project full of free and purchasable Cross Stitch pattern designs, tutorials, project updates and more.

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January 2022 Free Cross Stitch Chart!

Happy January 2022 everyone! I have been a busy bee over the Christmas period, as I am sure most people have been. But, I am here to post the January Free Cross Stitch Chart. It has been a lovely summer Christmas over here in New Zealand. The weather has really pulled out all the stops for us which has made it so hard to stay inside and make patterns!

I’m hoping to spend the rest of this week planning out 2022 and some goals for StitchYaWitch, as well as some tentative release dates for the patterns I’m currently working on (there’s only a few hundred unfinished, I swear). My aims is to really streamline our release processes this year to make time for creating and selling more physical goodies. If you’d like to stay updated please consider joining our mailing list below:

In some other news, myself and two other talented [b]witches (my mum and my sister) will be embarking on a new fabric dyeing journey this year! We can never quite seem to find exactly what we want for our projects, it’s a real problem. So we are going bloody make what we need instead! Hopefully with minimal dyeing accidents…

I’ll stop blathering for a moment and show you this month’s little treat – especially for any Disney lovers out there. An adorable free Cross Stitch to start 2022 off just right! Stitch your own Stitch the Cross Stitch today. <3

Free Cross Stitch Pattern

Don’t miss the recent Redfin article we were featured in!

It’s super exciting to mention that StitchYaWitch was recently featured in a Redfin blog article discussing handmade decor. I do have some more thoughts on home decor using cross stitch, both functional and fun projects. I will be posting about those a bit later this month. In the meantime, make sure you check out the article below!

Cross Stitch Flower Decor
The perfect way to bring your own style and sense of humor into your décor!

Whether you recently bought a home in Toronto, ON, or a townhouse in Nashville, TN – it can often feel intimidating decorating your home, with the countless decor options to choose from. Sometimes when it’s all said and done, if the pieces you chose don’t reflect your personality and your style is absent from the space, your house can feel unfamiliar.

Bringing meaningful handmade home decor into a space is what distinguishes a house from a home. Handmade items and decor – whether it’s created by an artisan or by yourself, can really transform a space. Redfin asked some of their favorite creators for their unique ideas on how to enrich your home’s interior with handmade home decor bring happiness and personality to create a space that means so much more. Check out what we had to say!

How to Decorate Your Home with Meaningful Handmade Decor

Branching Out – New Store Items

StitchYaWitch is branching out! We’re adding physical items to our store to accompany (read: enable) our Cross Stitch addictions. I mentioned above that we’ll be experimenting with hand-dyed linens and aida fabrics and if those turn out well and are high quality we will list them on the site.

Otherwise, we’ll be focusing mainly on the absolute essentials, like ensuring everyone has enough needle minders and hoops to keep on stitching. Because let’s be honest, there’s no amount of needle minders that is too many. It’s an unreachable number, with no diminishing returns.

Cross Stitch Bee Kind Needle Minder
Needle Minders 4 Lyf

On the website store we will only be open to New Zealand and Australian orders, just due to tax reasons that go absolutely beyond me for the moment. However, I will be adding new items up on to the Etsy store as well, which will of course be open to anyone. So make sure you check it out over the next week or two!

January Free Cross Stitch – Stitch!

Onto the goodies! I hope I’m not alone in this, but even as a 33 year old one of my favourite little creatures is Stitch (from Disney’s Lilo and Stitch). He’s just so adorable and real little brat with a heart of gold, I absolutely love him. He might be my spirit animal. If it wouldn’t get strange looks from visitors, I would fill my home with Stitch artwork!

You can find the PDF preview and download links below. Please note: if you’re viewing on mobile you will not see a PDF preview, just a download link.

Disclaimer: This is a free Cross Stitch Pattern and I do not own the intellectual rights to Lilo and Stitch, they belong to Disney. For that reason, this pattern is intended for your own personal use only, and I hope that you enjoy it!



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