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Welcome to StitchYaWitch

Here you will find that fabric scissors are sacred and stabbing things with sharp utensils is a-okay (in the name of the craft, of course).

This site is a passion project full of free and purchasable Cross Stitch pattern designs, tutorials, project updates and more.

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Let’s Celebrate With A Free Pattern!

StitchYaWitch Cross Stitch Designs

I have been a bit absent from the blog while I’ve been playing with the website… I’ve finally gotten it to a good spot that I’m happy with, so I can focus on Cross Stitch again! Soon this place will be crawling with tips and progress updates, and a bunch of free patterns. I aim to post at least one free pattern a month on the StitchYaWitch blog, so stay tuned! You can subscribe to posts and updates using the sign up button below:

I haven’t been completely neglecting Cross Stitch! I have added some brand new patterns this week, to both the website and to Etsy. Go check them out if you’re interested! All of my Etsy listings will also be added to the website over the next few weeks, as I’m updating and tweaking some of those older patterns as I go.

Free Pattern!

Anyway, on to the main order of business! To celebrate the launching of the website I will be giving away our first free Cross Stitch Pattern. It’s a downloadable PDF with instructions on how to create the following cross stitch:

Free PDF Pattern – A Large Group of Humans is Called a F*** That

Time to get stitching! I’d love to see any works in progress or finished versions of the pattern! I especially encourage making edits or changes to the design and/or colours to make it your own.

I apologise if the curse words aren’t to your taste (and my, aren’t you brave for getting this far). Free patterns in the future will not all be quite so rude (though, in the interest of full disclosure some of them might be).

Hope you like the pattern! Please leave a comment if you do, or let me know if you have any questions!

Send me pictures of your finished product via email or through any of the StitchYaWitch social pages, and you will get a 50% off coupon for the StitchYaWitch website or on the Etsy store. <3
It may surprise you to know I am somewhat antisocial…

Download the PDF here:

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