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Here you will find that fabric scissors are sacred and stabbing things with sharp utensils is a-okay (in the name of the craft, of course).

This site is a passion project full of free and purchasable Cross Stitch pattern designs, tutorials, project updates and more.

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November Freebie Cross Stitch Pattern

Hey guys, I hope you’ve all had a good October and have been getting some good Cross Stitch done in preparation for Christmas! It’s coming up fast. 

Get Your Moustache Started

As we’re blasting into November, I just wanted to say that we get quite into Movember here in New Zealand. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a really great way to support men’s health! Movember works to shine a light on preventing male suicide and catching cancer early. If you know any dudes at all (I’m sure you do), I’d encourage you to check out the Movember website and read about their cause.

Be a bro, grow a mo’.

In short, my mo’ isn’t quite as good as it could be (read: non-existent). However, if I can help shed a little more light on this cause I will do my bit!

I’ll be doing an extra release of some free cute and funny moustaches as patterns later this month. Just like my monthly free pattern, there will be no sign-up needed and downloads are unlimited. Keep your eyes peeled if that sounds like something that interests you!

All I ask is that you please keep an eye out for ya’ boys and encourage them to look after themselves in the spirit of men’s health month!

Free Kitty Cross Stitch Pattern Download

Now, getting back down to brass tacks. We’re all here to kick start November with a cute free kitty Cross Stitch pattern. I know we must have some cat lovers around here. Even if you’re not one yourself, perhaps you know someone who is! This Cross Stitch will make a nice little gift for someone close and won’t take too long to stitch it up, either.

Free Kitty Cross Stitch
Kitty loaf is the best loaf

I have gotten about halfway through stitching it up myself and will post the full completed images once it’s all done (I’ll also update this post with some progress pics tomorrow).

I’ve spent about 10 hours on it so far over the last few weeks, give or take an hour. Besides the hour I spent stitching and subsequently removing a heart I counted out to the wrong place. Nevertheless, I should have it all done and dusted by this weekend. But now, the only trouble is deciding if it should be on display in a hoop or a frame. If you have any thoughts please leave them in the comments!

Finally, if you have any questions or need help with the pattern at all please let me know. You can contact me in the comments, on the Contact page of this website, or on any of the social media links in the PDF. I’m happy to help with anything at all, so please don’t be shy.

You can find the download file below, and I hope you enjoy!

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